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Danelle Delgado Training

In our first weekly session, Danelle shares her story, lays out some guidelines and ground rules for the training, and her four G's:  Gratitude, Goals, Growth and Grace.  

In our second weekly session, Danelle trains the Three Ways We Do Business, a deeper dive into the basic aspects of building a successful Shaklee Business – being a product of the products, sharing the products, and helping others share the products. 

In our third weekly session, Danelle introduces her Tower of Influence. It begins with you, because you are the foundation of your business! This was a very powerful session with a challenge at the end that is mandatory! Complete the 90 Days of Truth assignment and post it in the Shaklee Field Development FB group! 

Note: Most of this recording is audio only, because Danelle lost Internet at her home and had to conduct this session from her car, with very little bandwidth. Thanks for persevering and showing us how you deal with adversity, Danelle! 

In our fourth weekly session, Danelle moves on to the second element of the Tower of Influence - Value. Now that you KNOW you have value (having completed the 90 Days of Truth challenge), Danelle shares the importance of owning your worth and the gift you have. And how you can start operating from your genius instead of your roadblocks.

In our fifth weekly session, Danelle moves on to the third level of the Tower of Influence - Marketing. Learn how to market your value as opposed to being spam. You’ll also get practical strategies for how to show up in a form that attracts and connects you with people so you can make more connections…because people will like what they see!

In this sixth weekly session, Danelle continues with the Tower of Influence - Connection and Communication. Get the top 10 ways to connect online and on foot with people. During this session you’ll also be equipped with words, language, scripting ideas to make connecting easier.

In our seventh weekly session, we'll focus on another level of the Tower of Influence:  Sales. Capitalize on the 4 Gs and the foundational practices you’ve learned thus far to stand out in the marketplace.

In this eighth session, Danelle's focus is on another level of the Tower of Influence: Service. The three elements of the service you provide are your Process, your Presence, and the Extra Experience you create for your customers and Distributors. Take an hour before the New Year begins, and make sure you know the excellence and uniqueness of the service you offer that make you legendary!  

In our ninth session, Danelle completes the Tower of Influence with Loyalty. It's the capstone of the tower, and the more you focus on strengthening your Foundation, knowing your Value and how to Market yourself, Connecting with others, Selling and Serving others, the greater your creation of Loyalty will be, and the more of an asset to others you become. 

In this final session of our FIRST 90-day training series, Danelle answers YOUR questions, and reinforces all that we've covered throughout this sprint! See you soon for our NEXT 90-day series of weekly trainings beginning Wednesday 1/26 @ 9 am PT | Noon ET!  

Danelle Delgado Training 
Second 90 days

We kick off the second 90 days of weekly trainings with Millionaire Maker Danelle Delgado! In today's session, Danelle teaches a framework to help you to identify the style of communication that best suits the person you're engaging with, and how to reward or help them to change behavior to achieve the result they're looking for.  

The Grid – Danelle gives you a framework for how to organize what you wish to accomplish in your business (goals and priorities), with strategies behind each to make sure that you WIN.

Download the Grid:

Part 1:

Part 2:

The Second Mountain – Danelle takes a turn in this session ("calling an audible"), so that we can all focus on what truly determines the trajectory of our lives, what leads to what we are called or summoned to accomplish. What makes us win. Danelle challenges everyone to draw a dream from inside of ourselves that puts you on the Second Mountain to scale in your life. The one that is about your impact. 

Now that you have identified your “Second Mountain” and what you want your impact to be, Danelle’s focus turns to having conversations about the opportunity, with passion and confidence. Starting with identifying who to have those conversations with - making your list.  

In today's session Danelle continues her focus on conversations about the Opportunity.  Have you made your list? Do you know who on your list is: A) an influencer; B) is successful and open-minded; C) needs extra income; and C) needs help with extra income, but may also need help with mindset?  Make your list amazing and be sure to do that first, to be prepared for this week’s session!

Now that you know how to quickly and confidently share the Shaklee Opportunity, Danelle will help you continue developing your skills by focusing on follow up and closing - helping people choose how to join.

From personalities to presenting, we’ve covered a lot of ground. Now let’s ask questions that the hard work has prompted and keep compliant!

Social Secrets Revealed – Danelle shares brand building techniques, content creation and engagement secrets to keep attention and convert it.

Learn how to build your team online through creating community in social with an emphasis on expanding your capacity and accelerating the pace of your activity.

Danelle makes this session interactive, answering your questions about the process that's been taught so far, and how to leverage it to grow personally while helping others and achieving your goals for your business!  

Danelle Delgado Training 
Third 90 days - The 10 Scrolls

Introduction and deep dive into the first of Og Mandino’s Scrolls (from The Greatest Salesman in the World). "Today I begin a new life." 

The second of Og Mandino’s Scrolls (from The Greatest Salesman in the World). "I will greet this day with love in my heart." 

The third of Og Mandino’s Scrolls (from The Greatest Salesman in the World). "I will persist until I succeed." 

The fourth of Og Mandino’s Scrolls (from The Greatest Salesman in the World). "I am nature's greatest miracle." 

The fifth of Og Mandino’s Scrolls (from The Greatest Salesman in the World). "I will live this day as if it were my last." 

The sixth of Og Mandino’s Scrolls (from The Greatest Salesman in the World). "Today I will be master of my emotions." 

The seventh of Og Mandino’s Scrolls (from The Greatest Salesman in the World). "I will laugh at the world." 

The eighth of Og Mandino’s Scrolls (from The Greatest Salesman in the World). "Today I will multiple my value a hundredfold." 

The ninth of Og Mandino’s Scrolls (from The Greatest Salesman in the World). "I will act now." 

Along with a tremendous summary of all of the Ten Scrolls, Danelle focuses on the tenth of Og Mandino’s Scrolls (from The Greatest Salesman in the World). "I will pray for guidance." 

Danelle focuses on the nature of our business and the importance of sharing both products and the opportunity. Included are Five Methods of Recruitment and a simple summation of the steps for attracting new business builders to your team.  

We all know that sharing both the products and the opportunity is fundamental to creating a successful business. But are you sharing the business?  If not, what's in your way? Danelle's "velvet hammer" is in fine working order in this training that starts with a big emphasis on setting your intention and inviting people to join your team, simply, consistently and confidently. With a challenge to get you going!  

Tight focus on the process of sharing the opportunity with intention, with skill and with clarity about who you're sharing with. Based on that person's personality and communication style, Danelle trains a schema for when and how to share, and how to help with a decision to get started.

In our final weekly training of this 90-day period, Danelle sums up the training to date, answers questions and challenges and encourages everyone to focus on sharing both the products AND the opportunity, since both are absolutely essential to the growth of your business.The challenge? Just Do It!  See you after Global Conference! 

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