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Meet Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO

Roger Barnett is the Chairman and CEO of Shaklee Corporation. Founded in 1956, Shaklee is the number one natural nutrition and green cleaning products company in the U.S., with more than 1.2 million members and ambassadors in the U.S., Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Canada, Taiwan, and China. In 2000, Shaklee was the first company in the world to become Climate Neutral Certified to fully offset its carbon emissions.

The Shaklee Mission and Your Impact 

4:12 minutes

Enviromental Pledges & Shaklee Cares

3:05 minutes

The Shaklee Difference & The Landmark Study

13:32 minutes

The Story of Just One of Our Products

2:48 Minutes

The Shaklee Mission & Our Business - Bringing True Wellness To The World

2:20 min

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