We are glad you are here to take a look at what we are doing. The Prove It Challenge is such a great place to start on a healthier, longer life. The Science of The Prove It Challenge below will give you a good idea of what it is about.  It includes a FREE 7 day Cleanse/Detox. Our community is having a Group Cleanse in November and we would love you to join us!

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 Cleanse with a Cause

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Can supplementation really help prevent disease? YES and here is the Scientific proof in 3.27 minutes

Roger Barnett Owner/CEO Mission and Science - 8.24 minutes




Did you hear the announcement at the end, double money!  

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What is the Shaklee Difference

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The Science behind the Prove It Challenge (01:57 minutes)

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Meals Provided in 2021

What is the Prove It Challenge?

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Why a Healthy 7 Day Cleanse?

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