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Commit to your Why

02:42 min
Why You Need A Residual Income


Create Your Mission Statement

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Dream Plan / Immediate Income Star Club

Earn Supplemental Income*

Every time you help someone get started with a Ready Set Wellness bundle (or with a $150 in other products), you’ll earn a $25 Star Bonus. These bonuses are paid daily. If you earn three Star Bonuses in a month, you’ll qualify for our Star Club Bonus and earn an additional $75 on top of the Star Bonuses you’ve earned, for a total of $150! There is no limit to the number of Star Bonuses or Star Club Bonuses you can earn in a month.


You may also start to earn income from other features of the Ambassador compensation program. Make sure to watch the Ready Set Wellness compensation video for more details. The video can be found at

Getting Your First Check

18:04 min

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See The Big Picture

01:04:57 min
The Gift of Shaklee

25:06 min
The Magic of Part-Time

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