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Become a Director...

Teach your team to do what you just did  Around the 7-Step Wheel

17:25 min

The Power Of 6 Megatrends

10:50 min

Duplicating using Ready.Set.Wellness


Take A Simple Strength Assessment Test

Use the 80/20 Rule:
80% Income-Producing Activities (IPA)
20% Learning

Vital Behaviors Dashboard on MY BUSINESS tab in

How are Vital Behaviors tracked?


Connect This count automatically updates each time you call, email, or text a lead from Shaklee Connect. You can also manually add connections you've done on your own.

Invite Manually update this count as you schedule, share, or give Shaklee presentations.

Follow Up This count updates automatically each time you mark a scheduled Follow Up complete. Streaks Every week that you complete your Vital Behaviors adds up as a streak displayed under your tracking rings. If you miss completing a week, the streak is broken and you start back at zero. Tracked activities are reset every Monday at 12:00 AM PST.


Navigating Common Concerns:

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