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If you joined after June 1st, 2024 or transferred to the new compensation plan.

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If you are in the Dream Plan - How We Get Paid 

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Let's have fun reaching our goals!
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Building a Super Team

Ask Them To Get Started

After you share the overview with someone, give them some time to look it over and then reach back out to them if they don’t reach out to you first. This step of the SHARE system is important, it is where you ask them to get started. Don’t shy away from this step. Just keep it simple and confidently ask them to get the Ready Set Wellness bundle!


Say something like:

Hey there! Did you have a chance to take a look at the information I sent over? Are you ready to get that bundle and get started with me?!


Just circling back! I hope that information I sent was helpful. I’d love it if we could do this together. Do you want me to send you a link for those products?


Again, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple!


If they say ‘yes,’ send them the link to get their Ready Set Wellness bundle on your Ambassador Website. It is important to use this link because it is how our system knows to pay you the commissions when they purchase. The next page shows you how to find this link.


If they don’t say yes or if they have questions, go on Remind Them Of Their Why

As you send the link, include a simple message that will let them know what to do, mentioning the 5 minutes it will take to do the assessment to personalize their bundle.


That message might sound something like:


I’m so excited for you and happy that we can do this together! You’re going to love it! I’m going to send you a link that will take you to the website to get the products. Once you’re there, click on the green button at the top of the page. Just so you know, there are three steps that should take you about 5 minutes or so to complete to get it personalized just for you. The website will guide you through it. If it would help, I’m glad to get on the phone right now and walk you through it or you can do it on your own and let me know if you have any questions. What would be best for you?

Remind Them Of Their Why

After you ask them to get started, it’s common for the person to have some questions. Don’t get flustered!


Whenever someone has a question or concern, it is an opportunity for you to build trust. Offering to find the answer for them is part of that, but a bigger part of that is you continuing to share your belief and confidence in the Ready Set Wellness bundle and how it will help the person.


If they ask you something you’re not sure how to answer, that’s ok! You’ll get to know the answers as time goes on. For now, tell them you don’t know the answer, but if it is important to them, you can find it out. And then contact your sponsor or Shaklee’s Customer Service for help.


Important! After you get the answer, you’ll go back to ask them to get started again.

It might sound something like this:


That’s a really good question! I’m not sure of the answer right now, but I can find out for you. Do you mind me asking if _____ is the biggest thing holding you back from getting started?

[they reply]

Great! I will find that out for you right away. I don’t have all the answers. I just know that these products have been amazing for me, which is why I’m recommending them to you. I’ve never had a personalized solution like this and the quality is amazing. I think it would be awesome if we could do it together and help each other stay on track to level up our health and wellness!


[you get the answer to their question]


Here is what I found out for you. [Answer to their question.] I hope that helps! What do you think? Can I send you a link for those products so we can do this together?




If they don’t respond or get back to you right away, it’s ok! Check back in with them in another few days. You could say something like:


Hey there! Just touching base! Wanted to get your thoughts on that info that I sent. LMK!


Not trying to hassle you...I just wanted to make sure you’d gotten the info and am wondering what you think. Thanks for checking it out!


Follow up three times and if they still don’t respond, let them know you’re going to stop following up with them but that you’re always happy to help, and then try to end the conversation by reaffirming the relationship. Something like:


Hey again, I feel like I may have caught you at a bad time. Life can be crazy, and I don’t want to be bothering you about this. If you do have any questions about the information I sent, you can just reach out to me whenever. I appreciate you and hope you’re well!




If they get back to you and say that they’re not interested or if it isn’t a good time for them, that’s ok! Don’t stress about it or take it personally. It’s just part of sharing with others.


Just make sure to express gratitude for their willingness to take the time to look at it and let them know that you’re always there if they change their mind (which they might do down the road as they see your experiences). Ask them if you can share future offers with them in case they might be interested and, if you feel it is appropriate, you can ask them if they know of anyone who might be interested that you could reach out to.


No problem at all, I really appreciate you getting back to me and letting me know. And thank you for taking the time to look at that information. If you ever change your mind, please let me know. These products are a game changer and I know you’d love them. From time to time there are great promotions that the company offers. Do you mind if I shoot them your way when they happen in case it is something you’d like to take advantage of?


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Handling Objections

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