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Danelle kicks off our next and final 90 day series of weekly trainings in which she will help us build SUPER TEAMS – people who are super thinkers, super connectors, and super finishers – integrated with the Ready Set SHARE system. 

To build a Super Team, you must also become a Super Seeker, someone who seeks out new people every single day, and whose skills and energy for attracting people affect everyone you meet...amazingly.  

To build a Super Team, you must also become Super Social, someone who strategically shows up, connecting intentionally with new people every day, both on foot and online.

The Fifth "G"! The Grid – Danelle gives you a framework for how to organize what you wish to accomplish in your business (goals and priorities), with strategies behind each to make sure that you WIN.

Understanding How Your Business Grows. Danelle breaks down the five elements of your business - Mindset, Team Support, Sales, Customer Service and Management - and asks us to identify what creates growth, and what stops it, in each of these elements.  

Building a Super Team, Continued: Danelle dives deep into conversations about the business, inviting people to join your team, and the mindset and habits that are essential to cultivate to ensure you are attracting the right people. 

Danelle makes this session interactive, answering the questions that come from your active conversations with people about the business - inviting, closing, and answering objections with fearlessness and confidence, becoming the person your results require.  

Your Winning Rhythm - Identify the factors, both internal and external, helping you to either win...or the opposite! Ask yourself, how am I winning and what's feeding that? How am I challenged, and what is feeding that?  The antidote - the way to win on repeat - will become crystal clear!   

Building Your Super Team means actively and consistently engaging in live, authentic conversations with people, learning their story and what moves them (Shark/Whale/Urchin/Dolphin). How to hold conversations, every day, and invite in the language they speak.   

Danelle is back and on FIRE with this training and call to action.  As we head into November, let's make it NEWvember! Commit to a blitz in your business that brings and builds 10 new Ambassadors on your team.  Be in pursuit, do the work that works, talk to people, in person, about the business. Need help in what to say and how to say it? This is your training for that!  

In our penultimate weekly session with Danelle, she gives us her Top Ten most important tools (and thoughts) for building a successful business and a Super Team - essentially a synopsis and review of the entire year's training!  

For our final session of the final 90-day series of weekly trainings, Danelle focuses on your questions, and we send her off with a moving message about the transformations she's helped to create in so many! 

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