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In January of 2021, our Just Take A Look team started our 'Cleanse With A Cause' initiative to pay it forward. Cleanse With A Cause is a Healthy 7-day detox; a total mind and body reset with a side benefit of losing pounds & inches. 

We decided as a team that the Business Leaders would pay $1 for every pound lost.  98% of every dollar goes directly to feeding hungry Kids. Please join us on our quest to reach 75,000 meals by the end of 2023.

Every $1 donated helps provide at least 10 meals. It only takes a little to make a big difference. Will you help in our fight to end hunger? 

To date our JTAL Cleanse Group has with matching donations provided 52,360 meals to Feeding America, we reached our 2022 Goal but we are not stopping. Keep up the good work!!!

Please email your Cleanse results and who invited you to:
So we can track how much money we get to donate

To make your donation directly to Feeding America and be attributed to JTAL Click on the link below:


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