Cleanse Prep

Includes Suggested Shopping List and RECIPES

  • Start weight and after weight

  • Measure before and again when done

  • Take a before and after picture

  • Write down how you are feeling

  • Go grocery shopping 

  • Preparation is key

  • Join our JTAL 7 Day Cleanse Facebook Group

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Join Our Community - every Thursday and Saturday we meet live in zoom 

You will hear a 20 minute overview including company history, science and products including the cleanse with a cause. We would love to meet you and answer any of your questions. 


Some other cool resources from Shaklee:

Shaklee's Official Healthy Cleanse FB group info,

recipes tips and more click on the MORE button and go to “Files” for recipes)

  • Prepare your shopping list for the ENTIRE WEEK

  • Cleanse Shopping Lists One  (Canada) and         

  • Two-(USA) to get started

  • Clean and cut all your veggies and fruits in advance to make it EASY

  • We highly recommend preparing a batch of one of the soups to last for all week...

  • For a quick grab that is filling and satiating. Frozen vegetables are great for soups.

  • Start weaning off of coffee and sugar to avoid headaches

  • Call your cleanse partner/coach with ANY questions, and check in daily

  • SHARE how it is going in our JTAL 7 Day Cleanse Facebook Group

  • This is so much EASIER, and so much more FUN when we are all in it together!

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More GREAT recipes:

Naturally Blog 

Sweet potato toast & crackers are a great go to. 

Also the frozen section of the store has cauliflower rice and zoodles.

Fav is: Green Giant cauliflower veggie medley.