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Reinvent You

Hi, My name is Lynette O’Connell. I am a wife, a mother of two adult ladies, and I have two fur babies at home. My passion is to change the world by working with people to improve their health through natural products provided by our earth. I am also passionate about helping people create stable residual income in these challenging times.

I feel very strong about both these passions. My health was bad with a lot of food allergies, my youngest daughter had asthma and gut issues from birth and my spouse was allergic to nearly any plant or animal. Switching brands improved the lives of our family so much, I can’t help but share this knowledge with others that have also had great results.

My background is as an executive in Data Science. Going to school and getting a stable corporate job did not last for me. In the last 10 years, I have been laid off 4 times due to economics. I am paid well, but during unemployment, I ran up credit card debt, took out loans, and used my retirement funds. I have found a new plan to maintain steady, growing income that will work for me in my retirement and found the perfect company with the best compensation plan to partner with.

I love this company and I love the results of the products.

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The Shaklee Difference®

Our products undergo a screening process that surpasses even the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia.


Our products are backed by 100+ patents and patents pending and 100+ published scientific papers.

We stand behind our products with a 100% money-back guarantee—no questions asked.

Meology™ Prove It Challenge™

Your personalized kick-start to better health.

Take the Meology Prove It Challenge to feel your best, healthiest self after 30-days—guaranteed. Meology is the supplement plan that’s made just for you. Pair these personalized daily-dose packs with the Shaklee 7-Day Health Cleanse and decadent Life Shake™ for a simple solution to feel your best.

It all starts with a few questions so we can get to know you. Ready to get your personalized plan and feel healthier, more energized, and more focused?


Healthy Green Home

We've been green since before green was a "thing."

Over 50 years ago, Shaklee introduced one of the first nontoxic biodegradable cleaners. And we planted 1 million trees around the world, in partnership with the late Dr. Wangari Maathai, the first Nobel laureate recognized for environmental work.

Now we have partnered with American Forests® to plant one tree for every Get Clean® Starter Kit we sell.

Portrait of a Beautiful Woman

The YOUTH® skin care collection offers clinically proven products created in harmony with nature. Our promise is that you will not only dramatically improve the health of your skin with YOUTH, but it's 100% guaranteed to shift your skin to a younger age.

A Decade of Aging Erased

We knew our Youth Complex would transform how people saw themselves, but could we prove their skin would actually become younger?

Clinically developed by world class skin experts, the Skin Age Index measures the appearance of key signs of aging with factual clinical data: facial wrinkles, skin texture, pore size, hyperpigmentation, even skin tone, radiance, firmness, and sagging. In a clinical study using the Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen:

  • 100% of women had younger-looking skin

  • 2/3 actually shifted their skin age into a younger decade

Healthy Clean Beauty


Sports Nutrition

The Shaklee Performance line
A safe, proven, comprehensive way to get the optimized nutrition you need to support your specific activity and fitness goals. Whether you visit the gym twice a week to stay fit and active, or you're a competitive athlete, Performance has the solution to help maximize your results and speed recovery.

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100% Guaranteed.

Even If It's 100% Used Up.

Here's the Shaklee Difference: We believe in the safety and proven performance of all of our products. If you're not satisfied with any of our products, you can send them back to us for a full refund. Even if the container is empty.

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