Welcome to What If It's Now?

Updated: May 18, 2018

What If It's Now (WIIN) is a blog-style platform that provides Food Literacy, Health and Wellness Coaching, Fundraising Opportunities for Nonprofits and Financial Freedom. Our philosophy is built around the thinking of What If It's Now that you choose to achieve better health, support a great cause or gain freedom through your finances.

Great things come when you step out of your comfort zone.

Today is that day!

On this blog, you will find information about Health + Wellness, Food Literacy, Financial + Fundraising Freedom and the Shaklee products that can support a healthy lifestyle.

Written by Renee VanHeel and her Shaklee team, this blog is meant to be a resource for you on a variety of topics.

Meet Renee VanHeel

Renee is a two time cancer survivor. With the combination of a full lifestyle change, catching the cancer early, and supplementing with Shaklee products, she was given the option of not going through chemo and radiation. After battling for her life twice, she continued to face many challenges including having to rebuild her home due to the 2007 San Diego wildfires. Renee created a nonprofit called Fired Up Sisters that helped fire survivors rebuild not only their homes, but their lifestyles as well. From all the stress, Renee quickly learned she cannot help anybody else if she is not healthy herself. Through Shaklee's weight management program, she has lost and kept off over 50 pounds.

We always recommend consulting your doctor before you make any changes to your health regimen.

We have a direct line to the scientists that have developed all of the Shaklee products and are happy to contact them with your questions and concerns.