Welcome to our
~“Cleanse with a Cause”~
Let’s reset and take your health back in 2021 with
Prove it Challenge including the 7 day Cleanse.

Leaders of the JTAL team are donating (on your behalf) a $1 per pound lost to


Below are tools from the JTAL team to help you succeed: 

JTAL Group 7 Day Cleanse FB Group 

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Share Recipes, ask questions, talk about struggles and successes.

Cleanse Prep
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Tips to Get Started - Includes Suggested Shopping List and RECIPES


  •  Start weight and after weight

  • Measure before and again when done.

  •  Take a before and after picture

  • Write down how you are feeling

  • Go grocery shopping 

  • Preparation is key




Two Zoom events: www.justtakealook.biz passcode: look


1.   15 minute check-in available to you EVERY day

4:00pm Pacific (adjust to your time zone).

Hop on, share laughs, struggles, successes and questions.

We’re here as a team for you.

Your success means we get to give more money away😊

2.   20 minute overview of the Cleanse Thursday 

5:00pm Pacific (adjust to your time zone).

We will explain the science and benefits of the cleanse while taking time for questions.    


Some other cool resources from Shaklee:

·         Shaklee's Official Health Cleanse FB group info,

recipes tips and more click on the MORE button and go to “Files” for recipes)


More GREAT recipes: Naturally Blog https://go.shaklee.com/7-cleanse-friendly-recipes/ 

Sweet potato toast & crackers are a great go to. 

Also the frozen section of the store has cauliflower rice and zoodles.

Fav is: Green Giant cauliflower veggie medley.

  1. Prepare your shopping list for the ENTIRE WEEK

  2. Cleanse Shopping List HERE - to get started

  3. Clean and cut all your veggies and fruits in advance to make it EASY

  4. We highly recommend preparing a batch of one of the soups to last for all week...

  5. For a quick grab that is filling and satiating. Frozen vegetables are great for soups.

  6. Start weaning off of coffee and sugar to avoid headaches

  7. Call your cleanse partner/coach with ANY questions, and check in daily

  8. SHARE how it is going in our JTAL 7 Day Cleanse Facebook Group

  9. This is so much EASIER, and so much more FUN when we are all in it together!


We recommend EASING into regular eating.

If you are doing the Prove It Challenge, you are ahead of the game.

You will notice cravings are mostly gone.

SLOWLY introduce dairy, meat, and sugar.

You will be amazed how noticeable any sensitivities are -

which will help you isolate foods that really don’t make you feel well.