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Welcome to a Healthier You

Here are some simple tips to get the most from your Shaklee Lifetime membership

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Switch Brands, Earn Free Products with Loyalty Rewards

Our Loyalty Plan is SIMPLE

1. Switch your current brand to Shaklee

2. Set up a Loyalty Order (Auto-ship) that YOU control

3. Earn points for FREE products EVERY month, up to 15% of your orders

4, Guaranteed YOU will FEEL BETTER, and make the PLANET HEALTHIER 


So which products do you use? 

With over 350 products, we have everything you need

Succulent Plant

Don't take our word for it.. the proof is in the Science



Lower cholesterol ratios, a key marker for cardiovascular health


Lower levels of triglycerides, a critical biomarker for heart health


Lower levels of homocysteine, an indicator of brain and cognitive health


Lower levels of C-reactive protein, a key biomarker for long-term biological stress

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